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Home Insurance Refund – How does the money work?

Most mortgage companies will require the borrower to escrow their home insurance. Lenders require this because they'll know when the home insurance policy has been paid (or not paid) and will know that their investment into your home in insured. Because they require the home insurance to be escrowed, this can often cause some [...]

Car Insurance Claim Process

There isn't anything worse than being in a car accident. It can be scary, painful, and stressful. At Inside Insurance, we may not be able to change the scary and painful part but we try our hardest to reduce your stress during this dramatic experience. Our main focus (and really the whole purpose behind [...]

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Should I file a claim?

A common question we get at the office is "Should I file a claim?" This is an excellent question. Sometimes it is hard to an answer. There are pros and cons to using your insurance to repair your vehicle. The good thing about filing a claim is that the insurance you have been paying [...]

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What does my Utah homeowners insurance policy cover me against?

Making sure you are insured properly involves more than just making sure you have the right dollar amounts on your policy ( ). You will also want to make sure  you are covered against everything you want to be. Your  policy will come with a list of things that are not covered. Here [...]