What does my Utah homeowners insurance policy cover me against?

Making sure you are insured properly involves more than just making sure you have the right dollar amounts on your policy ( https://insideinsuranceagency.com/much-homeowners-insurance-coverage-need/ ). You will also want to make sure  you are covered against everything you want to be. Your  policy will come with a list of things that are not covered. Here [...]

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First Time Home Buyers: Escrow Account and Homeowners Insurance

Professional tips on understanding your escrow account and homeowners insurance. You are required to have homeowner's insurance when you have a mortgage, but most likely you will not be paying your insurance agent for this policy. Well, at least not directly. So how does that coverage get paid for? If you find yourself asking [...]

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How to Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather Events

Whether it’s a blizzard, flood, or heatwave, extreme weather can be extremely tough on your home. Are you taking the right steps to protect it? While homeowner’s insurance covers some weather-related damage, it won’t cover everything. Even when damage is covered, it takes time for insurance claims to be processed. When it comes to [...]

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