Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is insurance policies purchased for most 2 wheeled motorized vehicles, it offers protection and security for your motorcycle with a wide variety of coverage, from cosmetic/ aesthetic damage, parts and service up to, injury, disability, and life insurance. In addition to these policies, insurance companies also offer comprehensive coverage in which you can custom to fit your and your bike’s needs. Additional policies may include, theft, wear and tear, total loss, protection against natural calamities, and coverage for your gear and personal belongings.

What Coverages are available for Motorcycle Insurance?

Basic coverage offers security and protection from liabilities arising from accidents caused by your motorcycle to properties, accidental collisions resulting in injury and even death. It also offers certain repairs and parts replacement made to your bike, like cosmetic damages and parts wear and tear, some insurance companies offer full replacement wherein parts with wear and tear like your tires are replaced with the same value at the time when it was brand new. Other policies offer coverage even for the passenger of your vehicle, including the rider.

On top of the basic coverage, you can add extra coverage on your policies, this may include total loss of your bike in an event of theft, loss, fire, flood, or other natural calamities that renders zero repairs. Another policy that you can add is roadside assistance, wherein your insurance company together with their partners will help you tow your motorcycle to the nearest repair shop.

How can I purchase Motorcycle Insurance?

So if you are planning to purchase your motorcycle insurance, make sure you know the different policies and what their coverage is, consult your insurance company, and get a quote on policies that suits your style.

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