There is no quick answer to this question that applies to everyone across the board. Each individual or family may have different circumstances that affect their insurance rates.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons we see your insurance rate increase.

1. Tickets & Accidents – Your driving record has the single biggest effect on the cost of your insurance. In fact, most carriers are now considering tickets and accidents for the past 5 years (some still only look 3 years back). When you get a ticket or are responsible for an accident, you will see an increase in your insurance rates.

2. Location – Insurance companies take into consideration many factors about where you live. Population, crime rates, housing density and other demographics will affect the cost of your insurance. Generally speaking, rural areas tend to be less expensive than metro areas.

3. Household & Vehicle changes – Adding or removing drivers and/or vehicles will change the cost of your insurance.

4. Carrier Changes – Insurance carriers re-visit their pricing model often to make sure they remain both profitable as well as competitive.

5. Discounts – Most carriers offer a variety of discounts based on household size, types of policies with that carrier, and how long you’ve been with the carrier. Some discounts, such as a new customer discount, will fall off after a few years.

We encourage all clients to view their policies every year with their agent to ensure they have the coverage they need and are getting the best value for it.

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