What is an HO-6 Condo Insurance Policy?

An HO-6 Condo Insurance Policy is a type of homeowners insurance designed specifically for condos and townhomes where there is a Master HOA policy in place. HO-6 refers to the insurance form the policy uses to provide coverage. It is a homeowners 6 form, which is specifically designed to provide coverage for [...]

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Is insurance cheaper on a condo?

Insurance rates for Condos and townhouses are generally much lower than homeowners insurance prices for single-family dwellings. This is because the condo association master policy will cover damage to all items in the building, including the roof, walls, and common areas. Condo and townhouse homeowners' policies typically cover more than just the [...]

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Can you get Earthquake Insurance for a Condo?

What is earthquake insurance? Earthquake insurance is a type of insurance policy that helps protect homeowners and business owners from financial losses caused by earthquakes. It typically covers damage to the structure of the home or business, as well as personal property damage and loss of use. Many standard homeowners and condo insurance policies [...]

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What does an HO-6 Condo Policy Cover?

An HO-6 Condo insurance policy as homeowners insurance for condo and townhome owners. An HO-6 policy will provide similar coverage as a traditional homeowners insurance policy. You will have coverage for standard perils such as fire, windstorm, explosion, theft, vandalism, smoke damage, and riot or civil commotion. Each condo policy can vary [...]

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Is Condo Insurance Necessary?

Unlike homeowners, condo dwellers don't own the building they live in or the land it sits on. Your master policy will cover the condo building and common areas, but you'll need to put together a condo insurance policy to protect your unit and personal belongings inside.  Although it may not be required [...]