Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance is a form of property insurance that pays the policyholder in the event where an earthquake damages a property. Most usual homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage.

Most earthquake insurance policies feature a high deductible, which surely makes this insurance helpful in a lot of ways if your entire home got destroyed, but not useful if the home only has minor damages. Rates depend on location and the probability of an earthquake in an area. Rates can be cheaper for homes made of wood, which withstand earthquakes far better than homes made of brick.

In the past years, earthquake loss was assessed using a number of mass inventory data and was based mostly on experts’ opinions. Today it is estimated that using a Damage Ratio (DR), a ratio of the earthquake damage money amount to the total value of a building. Another method is the use of HAZUS, a computerized procedure for loss estimation.

Specifically, with flood insurance or insurance on damage from a hurricane or other large-scale disasters, insurance companies need to be careful when assigning this type of insurance, because an earthquake strong enough to destroy one home will probably destroy hundreds of homes in the same area. If one company has written insurance policies on a large number of homes in a particular city, then a devastating earthquake will drain all the company’s resources very quickly. Insurance companies devote much study and effort toward risk management to avert such cases.

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