Looking for ways to lower your Utah homeowners insurance? Make sure you are getting all available Utah home insurance discounts.

Utah Home Insurance Discounts Possibly Available:

  • Dead Bolt Locks- That’s right you can have a few dollars cut off your policy just for having dead bolt locks on your doors
  • Smoke Detectors- If your home has smoke detectors installed, most likely your home insurance will give you a small discount
  • Fire Extinguisher-  If you have one let your agent know and you could be able to reduce your bill by a few dollars
  • Central Burglar Alarm- Just like it sounds, if you have an alarm system installed make sure you are getting a discount for it
  • Central Fire Alarm – same as above
  • Multi-Policy- This is usually the biggest discount available. Doing your home and auto insurance with the same carrier usually saves you a lot of money
  • Sprinkler System – If your home has sprinklers in case of fire, then you will probably get a discount for it
  • Green Home-  With some carriers  there is a discount  if your home is already certified “green home” by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization
  • New Purchase- If you bought your home within the last year, there is probably a discount available to you
  • Age of Roof- With some carriers, the newer your roof is, the lower your premium will be, so make sure your agent knows if you have recently redone your roof
  • Multi- Home- If you have more than one home, insuring them with the same company could give you a discount
  • Married- Some companies have better home insurance rates for married people than single people
  • Gated Community- if you live in a gated neighborhood, this could provide a discount for you


Not all carriers have all discounts available.

Make sure you are getting as many Utah Home Insurance Discounts As Possible

The best way to make sure your policy has as many discounts as possible is to talk to an agent that has access to a lot of different insurance companies with different discounts available.

We would be more than happy to provide a quote for you and make sure you are getting as many discounts as possible. Just contact us.