What is the TeenSMART Program?

TeenSMART is a program offered by Mutual of Enumclaw and other insurance companies that helps your teen drivers learn more skills by combining interactive lessons and real-world (parent supervised) driving sessions. These lessons use advanced behavioral science, research, and testing that focuses on altering driver behavior which reduces a teen’s risk of collisions. By completing the teenSMART program, your young driver will become a better driver and you’ll receive a discount on your auto insurance policy.

Benefits of the teenSMART Program

What teenSMART can do for teen drivers:

  • Teaches your teen how to drive at night, on the freeway, and in the rain or snow.
  • Make sure they limit distractions such as the number of passengers, music volume, and eating while driving.
  • Does not allow usage of mobile devices while driving, including phone calls or texting.
  • Let them know it’s okay to go slow and safe and stay calm when mistakes happen.

Practice makes progress! The more your teen practices driving, the safer they will be on the roads! 

What teenSMART can do for parents:

  • Receive a policy discount upon completion of the course
  • Allow you to be more confident in your teen’s driving abilities
  • Worry less about your driver because you know they have the knowledge and skills to drive safe and be safe on the roads
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Getting your Mutual of Enumclaw policy discount:

Upon successful completion of the teenSMART program, listed household drivers up to the age of 21 will receive a significant discount on their auto policy with Mutual of Enumclaw. This discount will be effective beginning the date of course completion.

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What does the teenSMART program include?

  • Computer-based driving tutorials and simulations
  • Videos and education instruction
  • Parent-teen activities
  • In-car driving sessions conducted under parental supervision
  • Certification Test

Who can participate in the teenSMART Program?

Anyone with teenage drivers can participate in the TeenSmart Program.

Participation requirements:

  • A driver’s license or learner’s permit for your teen driver
  • A licensed parent or adult (25 years or older) driver to complete supervised driving lessons
  • A PC or Mac that meets minimum technical specifications
  • Internet connection
  • Approximately 8 hours to complete the program
  • Visit teensmartdriving.com for complete specifications

How much does the teenSMART Program cost?

The cost of the teenSMART program is normally $119.95. If you have an active auto insurance policy with Mutual of Enumclaw, there is a discount available.

Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance offers a discount for our customers. Originally you would be paying $119.95 for teenSMART but with the discount code “ENUMCLAW,” you only have to pay $69.95 (plus S&H where applicable.)

How do you enroll?

You can enroll in the teenSMART Program anytime.

Go to adeptdriver.com/enumclaw-teensmart or call (877)-233-7879

Facts about the teenSMART Program:

  • teenSMART teaches skills proven to dramatically reduce crash frequency and severity.
  • teenSMART teaches new drivers to anticipate dangerous situations, recognize how risk changes as they drive, increase situational awareness and expect the unexpected!
  • Teens that complete teenSMART reduce their chance of a collision by an average of 28% and up to 49% and have 51% fewer bodily injury claims than teens that do not complete the program. In addition, the chances of receiving a traffic citation one year after training are reduced by an average of 54% and up to 67%.
  • teenSMART graduates and their parents report a significant decrease in the use of distracting mobile devices while driving.

FACT: Most teen driver crashes are due to inexperience, stress, and peer perssure

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FACT: Teens are 2.5x more likely to take risks when they add a teen passenger

teensmart social fact 2

FACT: Behavioral and social factors cause 90% of all teen driver collisions