Motorcycle insurance are insurance policies purchased for most 2 wheeled motorized vehicle, it offers protection and security for your motorcycle with a wide variety of coverage, from cosmetic/ aesthetic damage, parts and service up to, injury, disability and life insurance. In addition to these policies, insurance companies also offer a comprehensive coverage in which you can custom to fit your and your bike’s needs. Additional policies may include, theft, wear and tear, total lost, protection against natural calamities, and coverage for your gear and personal belongings.

Basic coverage offers security and protection from liabilities arising from accidents caused by your motorcycle to properties, accidental collisions resulting in injury and even death. It also offers certain repairs and parts replacement made to your bike like cosmetic damages and parts wear and tear, some insurance companies offer full replacement wherein parts with wear and tear like your tires are replaced with the same value at the time when it was brand new. Other policies offer coverage even for the passenger of your vehicle, including the rider.

On top of the basic coverage you can add extra coverage on your policies, this may include total loss of your bike in an event of theft, lost, fire, flood, or other natural calamities that renders zero repairs. Another policy that you can add is road side assistance, wherein your insurance company together with their partners will help you tow your motorcycle to the nearest repair shop.

So if you are planning to purchase your motorcycle insurance, make sure you know the different policies and what their coverage are, consult your insurance company and get a quote on policies that suits your style.

An ATV (All-terrain Vehicle)/ UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) Insurance is an insurance policy purchased for ATV/UTV vehicles. Since both vehicles are used for aggressive riding and are very popular to adventurers and thrill seekers, ATV/ UTV Insurance policies offer a wide range of coverage from collisions, fire, theft even physical injuries sustained by the rider/ driver while riding the vehicle.

Many states require ATV/ UTV insurance before allowing ATV/ UTV riders to operate on parks, trails and state-owned lands. Homeowners policy doesn’t cover accidents if you ride off your ATV/ UTV outside your own property.

Most insurance companies offer a comprehensive ATV/ UTV insurance coverage which pays for damages on your vehicle should it be caused by theft, fire, flooding or even vandalism. Collision policies can be purchased on top of your current policies, this pays for actual physical damage inflicted on your vehicle if you happen to bump on obstacles, other ATV, trees, and rocks while riding your ATV/ UTV, it also covers dents, scratches, scrapes and other cosmetic/ aesthetic damage.

Since these vehicles are used for rough riding and most often on off-roads, ATV/ UTV insurances also offers property damage and body injury liabilities, this policy, aside from your current policy will compensate for injuries to people and damage to property caused while riding your vehicle.

So when you’re ready to purchase your ATV/ UTV insurance, make sure you are well aware of the different policies and coverage your insurance company offers, seek their advice with the different policies they offer, ask for a quote and think about what policies fit your life style.

Boat Insurance or watercraft insurance is an insurance policy purchased for boats and certain types of motorized water vehicles, it provides security and protection against tangible damage, theft, and other liabilities from accidents in certain bodies of water including rivers and lakes.

Boat Insurance is a requirement for most states, marinas and state parks that have legal regulations on their water line. Banks also require an insurance should you file for a boat loan, you will need to provide the bank with proof of insurance that covers the whole amount of the boat in cases where there is a total lost. Marinas require proof of liability insurance in order to accept a contract for a mooring and will be listed as an additional on the insurance policy.

A large number of policies offer a comprehensive total protection and security to your boat, providing insurance to a range of hazards that can inflict your vessel. This includes, but are not limited to, fire, theft, sinking, natural calamities, vandalism or collisions. They also offer towing to a pier in an event of a breakdown and protection for your belongings.

The higher the value of your boat the greater the importance of a good insurance policy, even if your boat doesn’t amount to much, a simple collision could result to serious injuries and if your insurance doesn’t cover that much, you will be spending an enormous amount of cash on repairs and towing services. Feel free to contact us at 801-505-4300 and get a quote on several different policies to help you make a good decision on which policies to buy.

A Recreational Vehicle is a motorized vehicle, with or without a trailer and is capable of sustaining facilities and living quarters that are usually found in a common house, depending per region it is also referred to as caravan, camper, or a motorhome. However, quite the favorite to many it is commonly referred to as the “RV”.

It is generally used for camping and for vacations but has risen popularity for business travelers, adventurers, tourists, and mobile offices, since the rise of tiny living, the RV has also been the choice for most families who need to travel a lot. Most RVs are equipped with a full size kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters, but more modern design includes solar generators, satellite internet, and foldable amenities that can serve dual to multipurpose such as collapsible chairs and table.

Most states and tourist spots have their own designated trailer parks, where people with their RV and trailers can stay until their next trip, some of these trailer parks have their additional amenities where people can refill and do maintenance on their RVs.

RV insurances are also readily available and offers a wide variety of policies which has repairs on multiple garage facilities. Consult us now at 801-505-4300 and get a quote on several different policies to help you make a good decision on which policies to buy.

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